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Landscape Design & Installation

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Landscaping Planning and Design

Landscape design is a visual art. Utilizing the principles of design — repetition, variety, balance, emphasis, sequence and scale — our staff creates landscapes that will improve the look and usability of your property. We believe a well-designed, properly installed, and regularly maintained landscape will provide you with years of enjoyment, visual interest, and even increase your property value.

We offer complete design services including:

  • Master landscape design plans
  • Foundation plantings
  • Perennial and annual gardens
  • Hardscape design and installation (retaining walls, patios, walkways, steps, etc)
  • Water features
  • Outdoor living spaces

The design of the natural space around your home or business should reflect your tastes and accommodate your lifestyle, while respecting the context and constraints of the surrounding environment. We include our clients in the design process, so the resulting landscape ultimately makes a statement about who our clients are.

Landscape Installation

A great landscape design is only as good as its installation. Terra Flora Landscaping takes major pride in our landscape installation projects. We make every effort to go the extra mile to install the entire landscape so it will flourish timelessly using only the highest quality materials and plants. Our plants are selected from top nurseries, allowing us to supply the most suitable plants for each job.

There are several factors that result in a quality landscape installation:

  • Proper preparation of the planting beds with a complete removal of the grass where the planting beds will be installed (to prevent grass from taking over the plant beds later)
  • Use high-quality plants that are hardy for the WV climate and soil
  • Cover the bed with high-quality mulch or stone—we use 100% organic, double-shredded mulch (link to mulch)
  • Nicely edge of the beds for maximum definition and visual separation from the lawn grass

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Take a look at some examples of our landscape design and installation.

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Need Help with Financing Your New Landscape Design?

Finance your landscaping projects for your backyard, front yard, garden or business in just three minutes with a fixed-rate loan through Citizens Bank of WV/Quilo.

No application fee. No late payment fee. No prepayment or early payoff fee. Applying for a loan will not impact your credit score.

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Our Guarantee

Terra Flora Landscaping will provide professionalism from start to end of the project. Our trained Certified Professional Horticulturalists will ensure that the plants we use are healthy, free of disease, and ready to accent your outdoor living space.

Our trees and shrubs are backed by our full one-year warranty for defects and health. Only plants that grow well in USDA hardiness Zones 4-5 are used for our installations.

New installation customers can qualify for the Terra Flora “Never Ending Guarantee”. The nursery material installed by Terra Flora Landscaping will be guaranteed to no end, as long as Terra Flora Landscaping maintains and cares for the landscape.